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Dave Ramsey Recommends Jennifer Smeltzer

Jennifer Smeltzer, owner of Just Say Home KC is proud to be among the few Realtors in America who Dave Ramsey personally backs!



Jennifer Smeltzer, Realtor and Owner of Just Say Home KC in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, has followed Dave Ramsey’s financial advice for years and is proud to be one of his Endorsed Local Providers (ELP). Dave is known as a voice of financial wisdom and strongly recommends Jennifer Smeltzer to help you buy or sell homes in Lee’s Summit, MO, Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas.

Dave’s team thoroughly researches to find the best providers in each area, with only the top 5% of real estate agents being considered for the program. ELPs receive personalized coaching and accountability from the Dave Ramsey team. And, as a Dave Ramsey ELP, we are held to the highest standards of service. We have the heart of a servant & teacher and strive to educate all of our clients and serve them well.

We agree with Dave that a person’s home is their most significant financial investment, and it is essential to make sure the Realtor you choose has the heart of a servant and the knowledge of a teacher to keep your investment safe. 




How Can We Help You with Your Kansas City Real Estate Needs? 

Earning the position as a Dave Ramsey ELP is not an easy feat and certainly a title that Jennifer Smeltzer does not take lightly. As a company that prides itself on making the real estate experience less complicated and more enjoyable, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. If you are thinking of selling a home and buying a new home, Jennifer Smeltzer and her team would be honored to assist you.

When working with buyers, we spend a lot of time going over exactly what the client wants in their next home and how that fits into their family budget. Our preferred lenders go over the financing so that before we even start looking at homes, our buyers feel 100% confident in their decision to buy.

When working with sellers, Jennifer Smeltzer and her team will provide thorough market analysis, including an estimate of net proceeds - how much money you will make selling your home. We also preview the home giving suggestions to improve chances of a quick sale, and then lay out all the options on the table so our sellers can make the best decision regarding their finances, pricing, and selling their home.

Highly Likely To Recommend

Read what this Dave Ramsey ELP home seller has to say about Jennifer Smeltzer!

"I can’t imagine selling my home & acreage without Jennifer Smeltzer and her assistant Tara. Jennifer ensured accuracy throughout the process making all communication effective; while Tara quickly addressed common questions. Jennifer personally ensured safe tours preventing property disturbances and damages; I wouldn’t use anyone else’s services."
-Beth, Kansas City Home Seller

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider FAQ

Who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru and real estate investor with a popular radio show (among other things). Dave is anti-debt and helps people out of credit card debt, teaches college kids about the dangers of taking on excessive student loans, and advises entrepreneurs.

Dave’s main claim-to-fame is the debt snowball technique in which you list your debts from smallest to largest, make minimum payments on all your debts except the smallest, and pay as much as possible on your smallest debt. You then repeat until each debt is paid in full. This idea is that you gain momentum as you start to see significant progress.

Dave also recommends his Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) for certain professional services along with his books and other products.


What are Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs)?

Dave Ramsey’s ELPs are professionals who have earned his recommendation through their proven track record and their teaching mentality and are held to a high standard. Dave has ELPs in the areas of insurance, tax services, and real estate.


Real Estate

Dave says that a real estate agent can make you $39,000 more on average than selling your home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). And for buyers, they can help you juggle all the balls needed to find your perfect home and have your offer accepted.

Dave’s ELPs can help you find a trusted agent such as Jennifer Smeltzer with experience in your local market, who fits your specific needs.


What are the requirements to be a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider?

Dave stresses that his ELPs must understand the principles of “working the plan” — a.k.a. the debt snowball. They must be willing to work with people who may not have a ton of money to invest or to purchase a home and do so with their best interest at heart.

After an interested real estate agent applies to be an ELP, Dave’s team reviews their background and verifies that they have proper licensing and that they are in good standing as an agent. They must also have experience during “challenging times and good times” in their industries — meaning they weren’t just helping clients buy or sell a home in an easy market.

Agents must also have a long-term business trajectory and understand Dave’s financial principles to help their clients understand their options and make their own decisions related to money and buying a home.

After an agent becomes an ELP, Dave holds them accountable to a high standard of service through coaching from his team. 

Since Dave is willing to tie his name — and thus, his reputation — to his ELPs, it’s likely these professionals can be trusted with your big financial decisions in life, including the sale or purchase of your home.